26 October 2010

Twilight Series: Canis Familiaris?

It's horrible in Chicago today for weather. Power lines down, gale force winds, trees losing limbs left and right - one woman was even impaled in her own car by a tree limb through her front windshield. It's the worst storm in 70 years, by some professional estimates. 

Despite Toni's major storm fears, we have enough Drama-Trauma on hand that we seem to be doing okay so far. This in spite of the creepy howling winds and ever-present threat of downpours requiring arks for survival.

It's the complete opposite of Thursday, when T2 and I zipped over to the vet. Everyone at our vet loveslovesloves T2, which means T2 love going there as well despite the occasional unpleasantries and indignities that occur there. While we were waiting for our appointment to begin, Julie, who was working behind the desk, commented on how much T2 love to stretch out in the sun.  (She knows this not just from watching them do exactly that on the lobby floor, but also because we have sent numerous photos of T2 over to them. Every photo gets posted, either behind the desk or on the patient bulletin board in the lobby. It's hard to not respond to such an enthusiastic fan club.) She went on to theorize that the sun loves them back, makes them especially beautiful. They're almost like the vampires on Twilight was the conclusion, their fur glittering like diamonds when they're in the sun.

I might not disagree....

20 October 2010

We're lovers not fighters

I don't know what it is, but we get a lot of questions about whether we are worried about our dogs killing - killing each other, killing us, killing other dogs in the neighborhood. Not many questions about killing time as yet, but maybe that one will come up someday as well.

Just for the record: we are a peaceable home. Exceptions include rodents - furry-tailed or otherwise - and small and/or fluffy dogs (but really only Téa is opposed to this last, somewhat broad category).

In fact, T2 are most happy when touching each other in some way, be it on a pouf,
or two, 

on a bed,

on the couch, 

 playing couch or just in general.
So no, we don't much worry about them killing anything.

08 October 2010

Téa's doppelgänger!

Doppelgänger, from German, literally means 'double-goer' but is commonly understood to be an apparition or double of a living person.

Apparently Téa has one—and she works as a puppy nanny!

Thanks to Danielle for passing this fantastic photo along!