20 October 2010

We're lovers not fighters

I don't know what it is, but we get a lot of questions about whether we are worried about our dogs killing - killing each other, killing us, killing other dogs in the neighborhood. Not many questions about killing time as yet, but maybe that one will come up someday as well.

Just for the record: we are a peaceable home. Exceptions include rodents - furry-tailed or otherwise - and small and/or fluffy dogs (but really only Téa is opposed to this last, somewhat broad category).

In fact, T2 are most happy when touching each other in some way, be it on a pouf,
or two, 

on a bed,

on the couch, 

 playing couch or just in general.
So no, we don't much worry about them killing anything.


  1. It's funny how many misconceptions people can have about a breed until they get to know them! Your girls look like a pair of adorable cream puffs to me!

  2. You should just publish a picture book for children (and adults!) featuring the wonderful T2. Time to debunk all these ridiculous pit bull misconceptions!

  3. Its sad really that people just dont get it.
    Heck my bloodhound and lab have fought more than any pitties that live together :)

  4. ohmygosh they're so cute!! We got a comment the other day at the farmers market that we "must have a lot of attitude in the house" with "those" dogs. I think T I responded with something along the lines of "only if they both want to snuggle with us at the same time ..."