16 February 2011

Couch—Release II

We do love a good game of Couch around here. It provides hours of fun for the whole family. But since we've had to modify the game to ensure that Toni is always "it," it seems that she's not always up for playing. That seems fair—I don't want to play games in which I'm always "it" either.

So apparently we're now playing Release II, also known as Name That Furniture.

03 February 2011

Memory Lane

Ah yes, the great blizzard of twenty-eleven. I remember it like it was yesterday....
Wait. Never mind.

"Please, please, please let a dog come by!" A dog never came by—they were all inside trying to stay warm.

Go, Téa, go! Never mind that the snow is about six inches deeper than you are tall.

"Gack! No one told me it was going to be like running through frozen bath water! I hate the bath!"

Which is why Toni prefers the deck.