03 February 2011

Memory Lane

Ah yes, the great blizzard of twenty-eleven. I remember it like it was yesterday....
Wait. Never mind.

"Please, please, please let a dog come by!" A dog never came by—they were all inside trying to stay warm.

Go, Téa, go! Never mind that the snow is about six inches deeper than you are tall.

"Gack! No one told me it was going to be like running through frozen bath water! I hate the bath!"

Which is why Toni prefers the deck.


  1. it's beautiful, and they seem to be having a lot of fun!

  2. OMG that picture of Tea digging out her own rut is priceless.

  3. We're so ready for Spring here, it's not even funny! At least Snowmageddon kept the groundhog from seeing her shadow.

  4. I think Toni had the right idea staying on the deck. I can't believe Tea went out in that.

  5. I love that Tea picture of her forging through the snow. I bet people would have loved that kind of help when they were out there shoveling.

  6. That's a lot of snow! Good thing you have Téa the snow plow.

  7. My wife and I grew up in Chicagoland (Homewood & Dekalb). From our 75-degree perch in California (Pasdena), your gelid suffering looks familiar … but we don't miss it. Atop that, we're dog lovers. I know pits well, have always loved their soft hearts, & would have rescued one (or two) had our current Boxer-Mastiff mix not appeared in our lives. For fun reports on his charmed existence, see her blog & search for his name, Boz.