05 January 2011

The holiday pilgrimage in photos

"This is insanely early. We're going to pretend we're still in bed. No photos, please."

"Holy cats! They're handing food out of a window to everyone!"

"And yet, none for us. What the hell, lady?!"

T2's chauffeur..in my sparkly sunglasses.

Téa's turn in the front of the back.

Toni, sweets, your head is much, much too big to jam in there.

Proof that I went on the trip as well.

Playing couch to pass the time.


  1. I love their couch game. Did they get restless at all during the trip? We've never gone more than 2 hours, but even 10 minutes into a drive Miss M will start whining and complaining; like the dog version of "are we there yet".

  2. Ha!! Cuddling pitties always make me smile. As for that head between the seats thing - we drove from Maine to Texas with a similar view of the back seat.

  3. Hi, Two Pitties. They actually travel really well. Once they recognize that we're getting on the expressway (and that the back of the Jeep is in travel mode), they pretty much sleep or watch the scenery the entire way. We stop about every three hours to let them stretch their legs and take care of business, but it can be tough if we can't find a rest stop (much quieter and calmer than a noisy gas station or fast food lot) or if the rest stop is full of other dogs.

  4. I love the second and third pictures. That look is just priceless!

  5. I love these pics! Our foster Lollie was a little hyper in the car when we first got her, but has learned to be a bit calmer now (still paces, though). Our very own Chick is a dream. He sits calmly where he is placed and looks out the window for a few minutes, then proceeds to zonk out for the duration of the trip-- no matter how short or long.
    Welcome back!

    follow our foster: loveandaleash.wordpress.com

  6. What good travelers! And I love their dog beds :)

  7. Great pictures, looks like a wonderful trip! Happy New Year :)

  8. great pics..hope they enjoyed the car ride....my pitty motley does not like sleeping in the car...think he gets sick haha but rather he would sit shotgun with head out the window slobbering down the side of the car haha but ya gotta love them

    check motley out if you get a chance at www.motleysjourney.blogspot.com he loves meeting new pitbull friends

  9. Love it! The third photo is my favorite. And that caption... hilarious!