17 March 2011

She's a barfer

I was going to write a little story around this photo entitled Monkey See, Monkey Do. 

"I know how to sit still, too!"

I would have told you about how popular Toni is at the vet, in part due to her good looks but in greater part due to her entirely chill attitude. She can hunker down on that cool tile floor like it's a feather bed, following the action around her just by moving eyes. Despite the poking, prodding and other intrusive behavior, she always appears to be just one blink away from falling fast asleep. Téa, of course and on the other hand, is a pacer, a squealer, a bouncer and a hopper (once all the way over the reception desk to take a look at our bill). She is essentially a vision of all things inappropriate when we're in the waiting room at the vet (though in the end she is a model patient). But today, for some reason, she decided it was time for a game of Monkey See, Monkey Do and was her most relaxed, most well-behaved, most non-dramatic self, which of course gave me hope that our future together will involve less drama on her part.

Instead, I can only shake my head, sigh and say that it's hard to tell from this photo that in mere moments, Téa would throw up much of her breakfast and all of the peanut butter she had just eaten...onto Toni's head. In typical Toni fashion, she just wagged her tail limply and gave us a doleful Eeyore look while she waited for us to wipe her down.


  1. hahaha that is hilarious. poor toni! I know how she feels.. a few times when the pups have been feeling not-so-good I've awoken to that familiar lurching sound- so not fun to be barfed on in bed.. :(

  2. Our vet offices really does love us! This is the second photo of T2 (and me) that they've put on their website (photo six of eight): http://www.vcahospitals.com/lake-shore/our-hospital/hospital-tour.html. At least I was showered and had make-up on this time!

  3. LMAO - Sounds like my 2. Maybe those chill vibes are just too contagious to pass up. Maybe she's getting more mature. Maybe she was just holding it all in until she just couldn't! Either way - congrats on the new and improved change ;)

  4. i. heart. your. dogs.

  5. Oh no! Poor Toni. What a good sport. Poor Téa, too! Hope she's feeling better. Tommy has tricked me into thinking he'd mellowed out only to discover he was sick, too.