18 June 2010

True Story: Téa née Nilla

I got an email today from Carolyn, who runs Chicagoland Bully Breed Rescue (CBBR). CBBR is the rescue group through which we adopted Téa. Her name was Nilla at the time (though she also went by Yellow Fever among close friends). At any rate, Carolyn sent along the photo above, which is Téa's adoption photo (like our version of her baby photo, I guess) and when I lamented over how skinny she looks (because she was), I got the following in reply:

"i remember at the one event we had this guy ask us her name. i said nilla like nilla wafers and he says you need to feed her some nilla wafers...just let her go through the manufacturing plant and eat them all!" 

Well said, buddy, well said.

Thanks to Petraits for the beginning of our funny Téa photo collection!

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