07 September 2010

Le dîner avec nos chiens

Chris and I invited a couple we are friends with over for dinner last evening. We were sure that they accepted our invitation in order to enjoy a good meal, catch up over a few cocktails and generally relax.... Toni and Téa seemed certain that our friends had specifically been invited over to enjoy their company, particularly as they arrived bearing a fresh supply of Wishbones Dog Treats (which can also be purchased in person at Woolly Mammouth Antiques, Oddities & Resale at 1513 W. Foster Avenue in Chicago). 

I'm starting to think T2 might have called this one correctly:


  1. I love how comfortable they look (the dogs that is)and I'm starting to suspect that's the only reason any of our friends come over to see us anymore.

  2. Oh my dog - that is adorable and what great people your friends are when they show up with presents for the dogs!

  3. Yeah, but doesn't Adam lie on the floor like that anywhere....? ;)