15 September 2010

The story I was going to write...

 I was going to post the story below under the title T2 + W = A new adventure:

Taking a cue from their blog heroes, Ms. M and Mr. B., T2 have agreed to welcome in a fellow pit bull who's down on his luck at the moment.

With his mush muzz and sweet personality, Willis probably won't be with Project Rescue for long before finding his forever home. While he waits, he'll be joining us at our home for a little pampering and TLC (and probably a little bullying from the two sweetest, bulliest bullies I know).

As T2 and I waited for our first introduction, we had a chat: 

      • No terrorizing the new guy.
      • If you feel you must run him through an initiation ritual, you may not re-enact the one in which Toni knocks a tooth out on Téa's head. In fact, no initiation rituals involving the vet are allowed.
      • Rudeness will not be tolerated.
      • Sharing is encouraged (including squirrel duty in the yard, couch time in the evenings and treats). There's enough for everyone.
      • Just because we have a guest, this does not mean the usual rules and regulations go out the window. If we're going to help Willis, we're going to start by setting a good example for him.
      • Please keep in mind who is the alpha dog at our house. (No, it's not you.) (No, it's not you either.)
I think we're on the same page, as the "neutral ground" intro went without incident...despite Téa's best efforts to show him that she's a bit rude and bossy. 

More to come.... 

Instead, I am happy to report that we seem to have become some sort of quirky good luck charm for foster dogs. Willis is the third of three pit bulls who were slated to stay with us as fosters but who instead went on to their forever homes before they even came for a visit. 

We're better than rabbits feet—and more humane!


  1. I was all excited to read about your new foster dog, then I saw how fast that adoption went. That is crazy, but good, that they are getting adopted out so fast. The best part of fostering for us was that we realized we could never have a 3rd dog. And we just heard that Wilma's doing great and put on a whole 7 pounds! And thanks for the mention.

  2. Thats so great the potential foster dog found a home. I am sure there are many more waiting. We would like to foster, Daisy is so dog picky I am a little concerned about it.

  3. Hi, Daisy Dog. Actually, Téa is also very particular about who she would like to be friends with as well. If you work with a well-run rescue organization they ought to set up a few meet-and-greets, ensure they go well and give you a few tips on how to handle the settling in period.