18 November 2010

The strange conversations we have - Part III

When I'm out with T2, I try to be conscious of the fact that to many people they look big and scary, and I look small and kind of girly (which can translate into: unable to handle the beasts should they decide to unleash mass destruction on Chicago pedestrians). Unless the person approaching looks scary himself, I make eye contact, smile and occasionally throw out a "hi." Although I tend naturally to avoid chatting up strangers or even appearing to be the sort of person with whom strangers may want to chat, I'm happy to put my own social preferences aside in the interest of positive pit bull PR. This is probably the second largest contributor to the many strange conversations I've had over the past couple of years with people (the first being the pit bulls at my side).

As I exited the park one day, a big, burly man was headed in our direction. He eyed the dogs and then eyed me. I could see he was a little concerned, so when he opted not to cross the street to avoid us, I silently applauded. As we were just about to pass each other, he smiled and said, "Those sure are some big teeth those dogs got." It sounded very nearly like what Little Red Riding Hood must have sounded like as she said much the same thing to the Big Bad Wolf.

The better to eat you with, my dear.

All I could think to say, using my best Pollyanna cheerful voice, was, "No bigger than other dogs' teeth!" 

He started a big belly laugh. "Well said, sister, well said."

Téa demonstrates how easily her mighty teeth destroy dead leaves.


  1. I'm never quite as witty, or even informative, with the comebacks. I do love Tea's demo of her chomping abilities, though I'm guessing the only really chomping they get is on stuffies.

  2. Now that we have two Pitties *(one foster just like Tea) people avoid us on the street too- It can get me down sometimes, but I appreciate your upbeat attitude, at least no one with mess with us! Our dogs are obsessed with munching on leaves too :)

  3. we but we would just love a big ol smooch from those big teefers tee hee
    ouw mommish looks funnish walkin ush down the street too but people are less apprehensive when she walks one of us with one of our wee sister or brofer. it helps wiff people realizing we awe not going to eat them

    pibble sugars and wee wiggles
    the pittie pack