03 November 2010

Fine dining chez nous

I have a friend who says that when she dies, she would like to come back as one of our dogs. 

I admit that our dogs have it pretty good. We don't exactly spoil them, at least not in the way some people spoil their dogs. They don't make the rules in our house. They don't eat off our plates or even eat the same meals we eat. They are only allowed on furniture when invited. They must work at least a little every day to earn what they want - treats, meals, etc. That said, we do our best to make up for whatever mistreatment they had to deal with before we met them. They get loads of (healthy and sometimes ridiculously expensive) treats every day, including bones, rawhide, deer antlers and the like. We waste hundreds of dollars on squeaky toys and Extreme Kongs even though we know they will last approximately eight minutes once Toni gets ahold of them. They have poufs to lie on or use for looking out the front windows, as well as the occasional antique chair (which they actually did not have permission to be on, which is why it's no longer in front of the windows). They even having an expansive collection of collars to rotate through (they have us beat in the wardrobe department for sure).

My latest quest has been to find an economical solution for raised feeding bowls, which is a healthier approach to eating and drinking. There are a lot of really interesting options out there that I would consider. I like these planter style ones and these really mod ones. But they all seem so expensive (not to mention space hogging) when you consider that we have two food bowls and two water bowls. Then I saw this bed tray style set and got an idea. One pair of bed trays purchased on sale, one pair of carpet tiles (to keep the bowls from sliding) trimmed to fit, the same old bowls we've always had and voilà: highbrow dining for two.


  1. I love what you've done; especially the floor tile bit. We've been thinking about getting raised bowls too, but you're right; everything is so expensive. We might have to look into this too.

  2. This looks like a fabulous setup. I am totally going to look into this as there have been plenty of times where I've kicked over their water bowls by accident.