12 April 2011

Sweet Georgia on my mind: The happy ending

This is the flier we put together to help publicize Georgia, her adorable charms and talents, and her need for a home—pronto. It reads:

Hi. My name is Georgia. I am about 10 months old. I used to live in a building in the hallway. No one fed me very much or paid much attention to me. But some guys in the building gave me to some nice people who are supposed to help me. I am very affectionate and happy, even though I have no idea what’s going on right now. I know how to sit and shake and am learning how to stay and lie down already. I am housetrained, too! I’m not crate trained yet, but I’m a quick learner and am very food motivated so I think with a little more training I will really learn to like my crate (so far I think it’s just for eating and I don’t mind it then).

Unfortunately, the people who are helping me right now have two other female pit bulls, and that seems like a lot of ladies all in one condo, even to me. So they can’t come home until I find a new place to stay, either for a while or forever.

If you can help out, please call XXX.

If I were writing that flier today, I think I would include something about how when she ran down the hallway of our condo building after a ball, she looked like a miniature deer bounding through a forest clearing. I would maybe throw something in about how she was a dainty and well-mannered eater, despite the fact that she probably had more food in the week she was with us than she had in the whole month prior to that. I might add that the little lamb in the photo above was in serious danger of drowning in dog saliva, but that it might remain intact for years since she was not a stuffie slayer. I would still not include the part about how she was definitely condo trained (as in, she did not have accidents in our condo) but that she was having trouble getting the hang of building trained (as in, she sometimes confused outside of the condo with the real outside, though in her defense she was experiencing about 12,000 new things that week and a mistake here and there was entirely understandable). I would also not mention how tempting it was for us to fall for her, for fear of discouraging a potential adopter.

"Hi,it's Ymelda...from the vet. I was off yesterday, but I'm wondering if you still have Georgia."

As a matter of fact I did have Georgia, right at the other end of the leash in my hand. She and I were just getting ready to take food rations over to Toni and Téa. As it happens, the vet was exactly halfway between the condo we lived in and our dog sleepover camp. Would, um, right now be a good time to stop by so Ymelda and Georgia could meet?

"You want to meet me. You know you do."

This exact moment is the beginning of the end of my part of Georgia, sweet Georgia's story, but it's really just the beginning of her story. Because it turns out that Ymelda, whom I have always liked, loved Georgia. She was moving to a dog-friendly building in just two weeks. Her friend and co-worker, Jackie, would live just downstairs and they were already sorting out joint dog walking schedules. Ymelda was even pre-approved as an adopter through Chicagoland Bully Breed Rescue, which is the group we worked through to begin some sort of paperwork and accountability for her welfare. 

"My friend Lucy is kind of fluffy, but I love her anyway."

I sometimes see Georgia when I am at the vet. She and Ymelda walk to work together when the weather suits—a canine version of Take Your Daughter to Work Day. She met Toni and Téa once. As expected, Toni liked Georgia just fine but Téa felt that perhaps she wasn't really a dog we wanted to hang out with, effective immediately. (Téa can be very particular about who she wants as a friend, even though it means she misses out on meeting some very cool dogs.) I got to hear about Georgia's reaction to the Great Blizzard of 2011 (pro-snow but not a big fan of snowbanks—thank goodness she had a new winter coat!). I know that, like Téa, she can be particular when choosing friends. And I heard that she just celebrated a birthday, complete with her very own cake:

"If I can just get my paws on that cake, all of my wishes will have come true!"

We are grateful that our friend took Georgia when a stranger offered her up, even though our friend had nowhere to keep her. We're grateful that we were able to play a small part in helping sweet Georgia along the way. We're grateful for the timing, mishaps and dumb luck that brought Georgia and Ymelda together. But I think we are most grateful every time we hear a Georgia story from Ymelda because it is clear that she is loved and protected in a way she might never have known otherwise.

Many thanks to Ymelda for contributing the photos included in this post and for opening her heart and her home to sweet Georgia.


  1. this made me cry. knowing her fate (like that of so many other loving pitties) could have so easily gone the other way makes knowing her happy ending that much sweeter. thank you, thank you, thank you.


  2. What a great ending! I'm feeling a little misty-eyed! It sounds like the planets and stars aligned perfectly to get Georgia to where she needed to go!

  3. Awwwww this is so sweet and such a tear jerker...all for good reasons of course! You guys are amazing for helping her find her forever home :) This world needs more people like you guys and Ymelda!!!

  4. yay Georgia!!


  5. What a great ending to a story. I'm so glad Georgia was able to find Ymelda and she has a happy ending.

  6. Thank you for helping Georgia get her new beginning :)

  7. i am teary-eyed. thanks for being such a wonderful friend to animals in general, and georgia in particular!

  8. This is a great ending. I never knew how this had turned out (I think once when I saw you, you began telling it but didn't have time for the ending) but it sounds like the perfect ending. And she is such a beautiful dog.

  9. Excellent bedtime story!

    P.S. Snuggles totally does that leaping deer thing sometimes... it's hilarious.

  10. aw I am so glad that Sweet Georgia has a good home now!

  11. Tears of joy...I'm such a sap! You are angels for sacrificing your time away from your own kiddos and money to board them while Georgia was with you. What a difference a few kind souls can make in the life if a dog. Angels.

  12. Wow. What a beautiful ending/beginning. You did a wonderful thing. I'm so happy for you, Georgia, and Ymelda (and for Téa and Toni, who don't have to share you with another lady). It's amazing how such leaps of faith can lead to small miracles. I love this story.